10 January, 2017

HMS pinafore

This season, for something entirely different, we decided to add pinafores to our range of classic dresses. We didn’t know if people would like them… we just knew we adored them. Thank goodness, other people did too. Check out this mention in the Daily Star’s Chic Mag.  

10 January, 2017

january blues

We’re not sure which is worse, the freezing weather, the fact that there’s no more Christmas to look forward to, or the fact that it’s almost constantly dark! Yep, it’s officially January. At little larks, we’re fighting the blues with blues. Check out our Tess dress. With navy cardi and navy tights it’s a winner for these…

19 December, 2016

baby presents?

The perfect baby present? Tough one. Something lovely, but original, but practical, but long lasting, but good value, and a little bit special. Let’s face it, you can’t make a baby any more beautiful no matter what you dress them in… they’re gorgeous already. BUT if you’re looking for something that does all of that, and…

15 December, 2016

getting children dressed

Sometimes it’s a struggle to dress a small child… their tights are itchy… their arms don’t want to come out the end of the sleeve… they will do pretty much anything but stay still! When you do get them dressed though- they look so lovely in something simple like the Annabel Pinafore, essential pink blouse,…