About us


family and friends 

A lot of businesses these days talk about founders. At little larks we talk about family and friends.

They mean everything to us. It’s how this special brand came to be – close friends Caroline and Denise working together to create a business out of a dream. It started with a chat around a kitchen table, when a friend showed us some dresses she’d bought in France – beautiful, traditional clothing – and we realised there just weren’t those kinds of options in Ireland. It was as simple as that, two Mums disappointed by the lack of real children’s clothes out there. And right then and there, we turned that conversation into an idea - into a new choice for parents who value quality over quantity.

Each lark brings a different skill to bear to our shared ambition. Caroline’s passion for design, styling, selecting and sourcing combined with Denise’s financial acumen and relationship management experience makes for a wonderful combination.

While those individual talents are shaping our business it’s our shared beliefs that drive our brand forward. We’re both mothers. We both want to see our children run and play and enjoy being kids without anything getting in the way. We understand what our customers want and need from children’s clothes in Ireland, and we’re passionate about providing it.